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  • Real time precious metals tracking app.
  • Track profit and loss on your precious metals refining portfolio.
  • SMS text message alerts when your portfolio hits your configured threshold.
  • Cash for gold purchase tracking application and calculator.
  • Two factor authentication for the best security in the industry.
  • Precious metals purchase tracking history profit and loss access from anywhere application.


• Cash for gold store buyer software

• Precious metals tracking software

• Gold and silver tracking software

• Precious metals price alert application

• Bitcoin tracking price alert application

• XAU, XAG, XPT, XPD AND XBTC SMS price alerts.


• Unlimited customers
• Unlimited products
• SMS Profit/Loss Reports
• Profit/Loss at a glance
• Alerts you when to refine based on your profit settings
• Alerts you when an item is ready to be refined based on your settings
• Print client purchase orders
• Print monthly summarys
• Easily keep track of and search inventory from anywhere.
• Two factor authentication
• Bulletproof security
• Rock Solid Privacy Policy


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Our Precious Metal Portfolio Tracking Features

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At a glance precious metals tracking.
Track purchase and refining history.
At a glance precious metals refining profit and loss based on parameters set in your profile.
Cash for gold tracking software.


Is CashScrapp Secure and Safe Use

CashScrapp is protected by todays latest technology. All information on our servers is encrypted and protected by two-factor authentication. Be assured that under no circumstances will your records be shared with anyone unless prohibited by law. No information you enter in our system will be used in anyway, shape or form for any third party service.

What Is Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication protects your personal data on our system by providing a 3rd layer of security at login. When logging in you will be requested for your username and email. After you enter your email you will be prompted to enter the 6 digit number that was text messaged to your mobile phone before you are allowed to login. For someone to access your account they would need to know your username, password and have access to your cell phone all at the same time making it nearly impossible for any breach of account. CashScrapp takes the security and privacy of your data very very seriously. With us your entire account is secure.

How Can CashScapp Help Me Or My Company

CashScrapp allows you to view your precious metals portfolio at a glance. There are two sides to our application. The "purchase" side and the "melt" side. When you purchase scrap gold, coins or jewellery from sellers you enter the purchases into our purchase side. Quickly get a breakdown of your purchase portfolio in real time in comparison to what you purchased it for and what it is worth currently in real time. The melt side allows you to see what your items are worth at your favorite refinery based on refiner rates you enter in your profile in comparion to real time spot pricing.

Easily pick and choose items to send from purchase to melt based on what the market is doing. At a glance profit and loss based on your refiner rates!

What Is The SMS Messaging All About

Our SMS messaging allows you to configure a profit and loss threshold to be alerted to for both your purchase and melt side. We text message you when your profit or loss hits the value configured in your profile. We make it easy for cash for gold, coin dealers and numismatics companies to track their profit, loss and refining all in one simple, easy to use precious metals tracking application.

  • "Simplified my entire refining process. No more guesswork and hours of math."

    Ronald Milner

  • "CashScrapp is worth every penny. Pays for itself two times a week."

    Sarah Piper

  • "Finally a gold and silver tracking app that alerts me when the best time to refine is!"

    Jim Bellamy

  • "Just absolutly wonderful. Its the perfect software for our cash for gold business!!"

    Jennifer Rosen

Why Use Our Precious Metals Tracking Application

Maximum Profit

Easily see what your current portfolio profit or loss is with a simple glance. Now you can be alerted via SMS text message when your portfolio hits your pre-set threshold.

Easy Bookkeeping

Purchase and melt tracking from anywhere. See reports of the total value of metals purchased or refined in relation to the price they were purchased or will be refined at.

SMS Text Alerts

We send you an SMS text message when your purchase or melt portfolio hits your thresholds set in your profile. Never refine your gold, silver, platinum or palladium at a loss again.

Access From Anywhere

Our web based application requires no software to install. Access CashScrapp from anywhere there is internet and cell phone service. View your shops portfolio from home.

Simply the best precious metals tracker

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